Buying Guide | How to choose the sink for your bathroom.

Buying Guide | How to choose the sink for your bathroom.

In the design of the bathroom, the choice of the sink is very important in the success of the project.

The available space, the shape of the bathroom, the personal needs and also the style that you want to follow, are some of the parameters of choice for the furnishing of your bathroom, and therefore also in the choice of the sink.

This guide will help you choose between the various types of sinks in our store!

We try to bring clarity and order to the various types. In summary we can classify the sinks in this way:

  • Countertop sinks
  • Wall-hung sinks
  • Free standing sinks
  • Built-in sinks

Countertop Sink

Let's start with the most requested and trendy sink. The countertop sink is very simple to install because it can be easily inserted on a shelf or a piece of cabinet. The possibility of being able to "support" it allows companies to create various types of shapes, satisfying every type of space and design requirement. This argument can also be extended to the base for the countertop sink (but also to the cabinet) which turns into a design element given the infinite combinations of color and material that can be matched to the sink.

Countertop Sink Antonio Lupi Catino

Suspended sinks

Fixed to the wall with a bracket or plug, the suspended sink gives a linear, simple and clean effect to the sink area. This type of sink needs shelves to be completed, however it gives the customer the possibility to develop the furniture upwards, leaving the lower part free. Buyers' main concern is that of exposed pipes:nothing to worry about! Manufacturing companies have created the most varied forms to hide every visible tube, taking advantage of it even at the design level.

Suspensed Sink Agape Ottocento

Free standing sinks

A novelty brought by modern design is the monobloc or free standing sink. In large bathrooms many times there is the need to "fill" the spaces: can be installed near floor water inlets, they are very useful for those who want to create a bathroom. This sink can be used at 360 °, but beware of taps: usually this type of sink requires a tap that starts from the floor or from the ceiling and can lead to a considerable increase in prices!

Free standing Sink Cielo Legiare

Built-in sinks

Very similar to the countertop washbasin the built-in sink is, as the name suggests, insertion. The sink integrates completely with the top or with the piece of furniture, creating symmetry with the top. The sinks differ in 2 types: ontop and undertop. The difference lies in the position of the sink with respect to the top. The undertop sink is completely integrated into the top, whereas the ontop has a raised edge compared to the top.

Built-in Sink Antonio Lupi Calice


After analyzing the various types of sinks, the materials used to make the sinks deserve special attention.

  • Stone/Marble
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Synthetic materials


Stone or marble sinks are the most resistant on the market. The qualities of these two very prestigious materials, give a luxurious style to the bathroom, thanks to their flexibility, but pay attention to the weight!

Stone sink Antonio Lupi Introverso


Ceramics is certainly the most used material for the realization of the sinks. this is because it offers good resistance to shocks and aggressive degreasers, it is very durable over time and is very economical (compared to stone, marble and glass). The only flaw of ceramics is the lack of flexibility that makes it a material that cannot be changed.

Ceramic sink Cielo Shui Comfort


Tempered glass is a very valid aesthetic solution that will give your bathroom a touch of extra shine. Aesthetic performance is a strong point that is contrasted by low impact resistance and cleaning difficulty.

Glass Sink Rexa Design Murano

Synthetic materials

Tecnoril and Corian, are some of the synthetic materials that can compose the sink. Created in the laboratory, they have an above-average impact and wear resistance. Pay attention to the price, however, the production of these materials is very expensive!

Corian Sink Planit Concave



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